Version v6 alpha  – Dec  10 2016

  • All reported bugs fixed
  • Software sources improved
  • Secured application files
  • Added turkish and hebrew language packs
  • Integrated payment gateway paytm

Version v6 – Nov 20 2016

  • Mobile API updated and instructed
  • Backend Main Settings Added New Tab for Mobile
  • Backend payment gateways design optimized
  • Backend Added Sitemap URL for WebMasters
  • Frontend sitemap added blog posts
  • Frontend sitemap added special offers
  • Backend sitemap download option added on settings page
  • Travelstart flights affiliate added to application
  • Hotelscombined affiliate program added to application
  • Wego Flights And Hotels Affiliate programe added to application
  • Added multiple currencies by default for manual modules
  • Updated and improved some languages translations
  • Upgraded complete framework codeigniter from v2.1 to v3.1
  • Optimized Front-end layouts and design UI/UX
  • Lazyload added to load pictures on scroll and speedup the page loading
  • Supports PHP7 95% but may be some improvements required in future

Version v5.4  – Sept  01 2016

  • Payment gateway of added successfully
  • Hotels Module rooms title update to rooms type
  • Main search box on homepage improved to search with locations and modules base
  • Optimized listing pages pagination to justified and responsive UI
  • Application API improved documented and optimized to latest tech
  • Admin, Supplier Login page redesigned and improved
  • Rooms update button fixed
  • Add to favorites option added again
  • Emails heading UTF-8 bug fixed for languages
  • Application API secured with API KEY to protect the data
  • Data listing page pagination improved with larged view

Version v5.3  – May  25 2016

  • Security patchs
  • Hotels details page now showing full address + map view
  • URL optimized for SEO performance
  • License check removed now install on multiple domains
  • Theme system optimized from multiple files to single file
  • Functions.php confliction resolved for theming option
  • Added WOW Js to auto animated on scrolling
  • Default theme re-designed and improved all elements for better view
  • New installation process with few clicks installation feature
  • Featured tours now showing with multiple locations on homepage
  • Backend visitors statactics database moved from DB to json to optmize the database
  • Countries name moved from database to json file under json folder to optimized the database
  • Suppliers registration page modified with better design and user-friendly elements
  • Order booking invoice [payment_gateway] wrong veribiable removed
  • Dohop flights active class bug resolved for main navigation
  • Responsive logo now upload with any size height or width
  • Main flights dohop search one way and round trip feature added
  • Invoice page refined with better look and feel
  • Inlcuded angular to show tours on homepage with responsive layout
  • If rooms have no description the text “Description” will not show anymore
  • backend quick booking tax bug solved
  • backend quick booking if there is no extras on hotels the extras panel will not show
  • backend quick booking “null” text bug fixed on total amount
  • frontend On biiking page country selection added for customer
  • Expedia listings page map zoomed in to show all properties clearly
  • Admin panel remove “Applied for” text from customers and it will show only for suppliers now
  • Booking process page now added country selection to know the customers country
  • Cartrawler scroller bug fixed
  • After installation email will be sent to admin for login details to remember the credentials
  • URLS modified to meet latest SEO with country and city

Version v5.2  – Apr  20 2016

  • This update will change the design of listing page for hotels cars tours image hover style including homepage special offers hover and main logo made more responsive.
  • Updated the map for car details page.
  • fixed of PayPal Express Checkout bug for update invoice after payment.
  • fixed change the design of currency and language selection it will bring the language and currency selection options on the top header navbar.
  • Mysql backup bug fixed.
  • Expedia Pricing bug for currency other than USD is resolved.
  • RTL issue fixed for datepicker
  • Account Page turning blank bug resolved
  • Expedia module updated, launch requirements implemented and booking cancellation feature added for users.
  • Tours types in tours listing bug resolved.
  • Widgets upload image in content bug resolved.
  • Mobile App signup email bug resolved.

Version v5.1  – Feb  26 2016

  • Added payment gateway stripe to accept payments
  • Responsive Invoice and better then before
  • Homepage slider auto sliding feature
  • RTL improvements and modifications for better result
  • Optimized some sourced and fixed some HTML and CSS
  • More secure and better then ever before
  • Watermark Images feature for all upload listings
  • Expedia new requirements implemented

Version v5  – Jan  4 2016

  • Fixed some security holes to protect the app for better result
  • New theme implemented with better design and responsive look
  • Complete new package of new features and improvements

Version 4.9  – Nov 23 2015

  • Hotels, Cars, Tours, Booking on mobile bugs fixed
  • Arabic Language Added And Full RTL is Now Supported
  • Design Improvements And Code Optimizations
  • New Payment Gateway Implemented CC Avenue
  • New Module CarTrawler Implemeted With Full Whitelabel Integration
  •’s New Necessary Design And Functionality Implemented
  • Admin and Supplier Login Page Designed for Better Look and Feel
  •’s API Rooms images bug fixed
  • On Listing Page Pagination after Search Bug Resolved
  • On Final Payment Page FireFox Redirection Payment Gateway Bug Fixed
  • Sub Admin login Redirect Loop bug is resolved
  • New Feature added now Suppliers can add Locations if Admin Permit them
  • Car Listings datepicker Z-Index Bug Fixed
  • Dohop flights module search auto suggestion bug is resolved
  • Locations with same latitude and longitude cannot be added again
  • Customer My Account Page Design Changed and Optimized

 Version 4.8  – Nov 11 2015

  1. New design theme and better homepage implemended
  2. Hotels, Tours, Cars and booking limit raised to 50 on listing page in admin panel
  3. Supplier Delete bug resolved
  4. Special offers price was limited to 5 digits price, now it has been updated now price can be added over 5 digits
  5. Paypal Currency bug resolved
  6. Redirecting bug on invoice when checking from mobile has be resolved
  7. Extras price bug resolved
  8. Multiple locations assigned to tours module
  9. Supplier permission removed to update some fields in hotels, tours and cars
  10. Booking cancel bug resolved when booking is cancelled it was shown as paid
  11. Passport info for guest added for tours on booking page and also shown on invoice page
  12. Booking update bug resolved
  13. update booking info when changed status to paid emails were not going through, which is now resloved
  14. Expedia Multiple locations found bug is resolved
  15. payment options showing on page even if disabled from backend, bug is resolved
  16. Add review button not showing for new hotel and tour, bug is resolved
  17. Room per night price bug on invoice page has been resolved

Version 4.7  – Oct 27 2015

  1. Coupons Module Implemented with full features
  2. Added new feature for mobile redirection option provided at application settings page
  3. Cars front end date picker bug fixed
  4. Cars booking email to supplier bug fixed
  5. Option is given in admin settings page so admin can restrict website to registered users only
  6. New feature added to application, now admin can restrict access to his/her application to only to registered users
  7. Cars were not being assigned to supplier when updating supplier details. It has been resolved in this bug
  8. Few translation bugs resolved
  9. suppliers can control extras now
  10. Api update for cars
  11. Childtheme feature added to make you own customized classes for theme
  12. Adult price for tours addtion has been made mandatory.
  13. SEO bug resolved for meta keywords and meta description
  14. Delete function for different modules listings page in admin panel has been resolved for firefox bug
  15. Tour Settings page was missing the tabs of Inclusions and Exclusions, which is resolved
  16. Resolved assigning bug with hotels, cars and tours.
  17. Improved Supplier Registration process
  18. Tours settings page bug for tour types tab bug resolved
  19. Tours, Hotels and Cars search turning to white when language is other than english, bug is resolved
  20. Listing pages minor design fixes

Version 4.6  – Oct 15 2015

  1. childtheme feature implemented
  2. suppliers permissions bug fixed
  3. some bugs fixed and imrproved version
  4. code optimization

Version 4.5  – Oct 8 2015

  1. cars booking complete module
  2. default currency not selected bug has been resolved
  3. Supplier Register page turning blank when form submitted if language selected is other than english
  4. There was a bug when supplier updated its profile then the supplier permissions to different modules was reset, which has been resolved now
  5. Search min/max price on settings page has been which previous was not able to add price more than 32k+
  6. Extra beds charges prices shown in dropdown on hotel details page with each room has been resolved
  7. Locations management link bug resolved, now that link can only be shown to admin
  8. Turing page white when tried to login, or book with a language selected other than english has been resolved
  9. Review submit button missing from tour page has been added
  10. Enhanced feature of add to wish list, now user can add to wish list not only from specific page but also from listing page too
  11. bookings emails have been resolved. Quick booking turning back has been resolved.
  12. tours and hotels map marker icon on tour and hotel single page
  13. date selector for tours single page as we had in previous version
  14. some fixes for tours listing page
  15. some fixes in few database tables,
  16. avg per night text removed from tours listing page which was shown with each price of tour.
  17. translation of few words has been fixed.

Version 4.4  – Sep 30 2015

  1. entire default theme re-designed
  2. 100% responsive design
  3. optimized code and theme structure
  4. RTL Feature removed will be back soon
  5. hotel listing page with map locations
  6. hotel listing page with ralated hotels map icon
  7. supplier registration modules selection re-designed
  8. some improvements and code optimization

Version 4.3  – Aug 21 2015

  1. Tours module re-designed and completed
  2. Admin login page will show current version of application
  3. Maximum adults/child bug resolved for quickbooking section.
  4. Improvement for front-end main search bar
  5. Added feature to manage the count of homepage featured hotels and tours
  6. front-end aligned and backend sidebar newsletter & bookings location changed
  7. Force ssl issue resolved

 Version 4.2  – Aug 07 2015

  1. New update will show applications version on your admin login
  2. Advance Prices of rooms deletion fixed
  3. Few minor bugs resolved
  4. Few minor bugs resolved. Paypal Express Checkout is added as payment gateway
  5. Improved Hotels and Rooms Delete Function
  6. Room Default image missing has been fixed
  7. Minor Footer changes in default theme
  8. Wrongly placed link bug is resolved. Booking permissions feature added
  9. Missing pagination on hotels search page is resolved
  10. Bugs resolved regarding special offers searching and other minor issues
  11. Bugs resolved regarding hotels search related issues
  12. Room availability and other minor bugs are resolved
  13. Different types of bugs and design issues have been resolved

 Version 4.1  – July 15 2015

  1. Application updates feature added now update the software from admin panel
  2. Admin password reset bug fixed now you will receive the password
  3. Backend cms url bug fixed
  4. New feature added to export any table of database from backup page and import it later
  5. New feature enable disable multi currency
  6. Backend blog all bugs fixed and optimized
  7. Backend newsletter filter bug fixed
  8. Front-end hotel single page if there was no image now it will show blank image
  9. Front-end hotel single page related hotels bug fixed

 Version 4.0  – July 04 2015

Key and major features which has been forced us to re-build the entire application are :

  1. add any payment gateway of your choice by simple modification
  2. the entire applicaiton has been optimized from 150mb to 15mb size only
  3. removed all iframes because in modern browsers iframes are no more supported
  4. better seo fast page loads and minified sources
  5. more user-friendly admin panel and many new features to manage the applicaton and services
  6. 100% translation option for all contents for front-end title, desc, amenenities etc
  7. optimized CMS system to create pages menus and manage them for front-end
  8. New optimized theme for back-end and front-ent more responsive and better then before
  9. backend realtime alerts for new booking new supplier registration and reviews

Previous versions are no longer available please use v4 or above