How to Remove Hyperlinks & Break Links in Excel

Certainly, it is challenging to get rid of hyperlinks in Excel. If you deal with Excel spreadsheets, then you know what we are talking about break links in excel. It is quite α tedious task to manually remove hyperlinks one by one if you have α spreadsheet with countless hyperlinks.

However, one can perform this task easier if the file, we are dealing with, is small and contains only α few hyperlinks. It becomes α problem when the file is quite large with lots of hyperlinks. If you are stuck in this kind of situation, it is obvious for you to look for different ways on how to remove hyperlinks in Excel.

To rescue you, we have come up with different methods to break links in Excel. The best part about these methods is that they work for various Excel versions. With these methods, you can remove links having α particular text, all hyperlinks present in the sheet, α single hyperlink, and even break links in Excel. So, let’s get started with our methods for removing links from Excel spreadsheets.

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Through this method, users can eliminate all hyperlinks in Excel. In order to break links in Excel, they need to choose the cells from where they need to eradicate all hyperlinks. So, let’s follow the steps below on how to remove hyperlinks in Excel.

Here, we have taken an example, where you need to remove links of some websites in an Excel sheet. To accomplish this task, go through the steps listed below:

Step 1: Search for cells

In the first place, users need to search for cells from where they like to hyperlinks. For this, open the spreadsheet and press tabs ‘Ctrl+₣‘ on the từ khóa. Once done, α dialog box saying ‘Find and Replace‘ will appear on the screen.

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Step 2: Tap on ‘Options’

From there, they need to look for the tab ‘Options,’ which will be there at the box bottom.

Step 3: Opt for ‘Choose Format from Cell’

Next, tap on the arrow down that is present along with the button ‘Format.’ From there, select the tab ‘Choose Format from Cell.’

Step 4: Choose the cell

Now, choose the cell that comprises α hyperlink. Once chosen, α preview will be shown there. This option will be available next to the button ‘Format.’

Step 5: Select the tab ‘Find All’

After that, select the tab ‘Find All‘ that will display all the hyperlinks present on the Excel sheet.

Now, it’s time to select the hyperlink that you want to get rid of. Choose the hyperlinks with the help of Shift or Ctrl tabs. In order to remove these hyperlinks, you need to right-tap on the highlighted cells. After that, choose the option ‘Remove Hyperlinks.’ So, you have successfully removed links in Excel.

Here, users will get to know how to remove hyperlinks in Excel connected to α specific text. For example, there is α spreadsheet of products that has some products connected with one another through α particular text. If you like to remove hyperlinks having the line ‘Product 3’, follow the steps listed below.

To eradicate hyperlinks, you can go through the following steps.

Step 1: Click the tabs

Initially, you have to tap on the tabs ‘Ctrl+F‘. Once done, there will appear a dialog box called ‘Find and Replace.’

Step 2: Choose ‘Choose Format from Cell’

In the box ‘Find what,’ you need to put in the ‘Product 3‘ text. After that, tap on the arrow down of the tab ‘Format‘ and select the ‘Choose Format from Cell‘ tab.

Step 3: Take α preview

Choose the cell that shows off ‘Product 3,’ and you will come across the preview option available next to the tab ‘Format.’ Next, tap on the tab ‘Find All.’

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Next, you will see the danh mục of hyperlinks interlinked with Product 3. Now, choose the end result by seizing the button ‘Shift‘ or ‘Ctrl.’ To eradicate these links, right tap on the highlighted cells and choose ‘Remove Hyperlinks.’

It is another effective method on how to remove hyperlinks in Excel. This method to eradicate hyperlinks from an Excel sheet comes in handy where you like to remove all of the links effortlessly. This method is different from the first one as the former one can be used to eliminate α backlink from an Excel sheet while the latter method helps in eradicating all hyperlinks at once. + Plus, you do not have to select links one by one here. So, read the instructions right below to perform this tedious task.

To remove all hyperlinks in Excel, users can follow the steps as listed below. All of these steps are really easy and simple to follow. So, let’s just dive right into them now.

Step 1: Press tabs ‘Ctrl+A’

To get rid of all hyperlinks from an Excel spreadsheet, you need to press tabs ‘Ctrl+?‘. If not that, press on the triangle available on the sheet top so as to choose the whole spreadsheet.

Once selected, you need to the right tap on the Excel sheet anywhere. Next, choose the option ‘Remove Hyperlinks.’ You have successfully removed all the hyperlinks available on the Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to know how to break links in Excel, then you have come upon the right page. When users break links in Excel to the main workbook of any external reference. Here, all rules that employ the digit in the main workbook convert to the present values. As this performed action could not be undone, users need to create α backup.

For instance, if users break the hyperlink to the outer reference = SUM, then this formula will be replaced by the intended value that could be anything. In case you employ an external range for data, α parameter can use the data from the other workbook. If that’s the case, you may like to get rid of these kinds of hyperlinks.

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Now, let’s know about breaking links in Excel. The steps for the same are listed below. Have α look at them!

People who like to break links in Excel can do so by following the instructions as listed below. It is effortless to perform this task. So, let’s get started with the steps!

In the first place, you should click on the tab ‘Edit Links.’ You will find this button under the tab ‘Data‘ in the group ‘Connections.’ However, you would not find the option ‘Edit Links‘ if the file doesn’t have any linked information.

How to break links in Excel

In the danh mục ‘Source,’ you need to select the hyperlink that you desire to break. In order to select multiple linked files, keep on holding the tab ‘Ctrl‘ while clicking the linked file one by one. On the other hand, press the tabs ‘Ctrl+?‘ so as to choose all the hyperlinks.

Lastly, you have to tap on the option ‘Break Backlinks‘. As α result, all of the links will break away. Now, you have successfully removed all links hassle-free.

Now, you know how to remove hyperlink in Excel as well as break links in Excel. These methods are quite effective for removing the links in Excel sheet. They come handy when there are lots of hyperlinks available in the Excel spreadsheet. Through these ways, people can even eradicate α few links out of so many links available. Also, here are the top Excel password breakers, and Excel password removers online for your reference.

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