Build Description Type Date Action

Security Update

- This is an important Security update

Update 13/05/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

This update will resolve few design issues and other minor bugs.

Bug 07/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This update will resolve the issue of hotels price when more than 3 digits.

Bug 07/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

This update will resolve the issue of incorrect booking link which redirected to hotels/tours/cars listing page. This update will also resolve issue with map shown for tour details page.

Bug 08/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Sitemap xml fixed for car urls

Bug 08/06/2016 Download Details

Improvements Update

This update will improve the theme to better look and smart feel with additional some code optimizations and language modification. this update is marked one of the best update till date please install and make your website awesome and don't forget to send your feedback's.

Update 09/06/2016 Download Details

Some improvements

this update will fix some bugs in current theme install of this update is very necessary

Bug 12/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This update will fix some issues reported by different clients

Bug 14/06/2016 Download Details

Tours homepage bug

this update will fix the homepage tours title click bug it was redirecting to hotel page now this will fix it.

Bug 14/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This update will resolve some of the bugs reported in v5.3

Bug 17/06/2016 Download Details