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Recommended Update

- This update will resolve issue with home page slider - Room title has been removed as Room title and room type was confusing clients so only room type will be used as room title - Price range search bug removed when using side search for searching module use to cause no results because of price range selection, which is fixed now. - Other minor bugs are resolved.

Bug 20/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Fixed few design bugs - Updated search for hotels, tours now hotels tours can be searched by name or location - Updated the invoice page Design - Expedia Updated - Minor tweaks done

Bug 30/06/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Google maps API key function included in application - Please visit https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key to create key and then use that key in settings page Google Map API input, currently provided API key may become invalid in future so please provide your own API key - Update button not working on hotel details page has been fixed.

Bug 18/07/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Expedia Updated

Bug 20/07/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Tours maps issue has been resolved. - Please be advised that you are using valid API key for maps in application settings page.

Bug 22/07/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Blog page pagination for categories wise posts resolved.

Bug 29/07/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Modules enable disable option resolved on accounts page.

Bug 09/08/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Few minor bugs resolved.

Bug 22/08/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Email subject text utf-8 encoding fixed

Bug 30/08/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update – Resolving 4163 update issue

- This update will resolve issues occured because of update: 4163

Bug 31/08/2016 Download Details