Build Description Type Date Action

Recommended Update

- Contact Page Imroved - TripAdvisor Implemented to the latest requirements. - Various Bugs resolved.

Update 07/09/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Resolved the Tours default adults count now you can update it from constants.php file to make the default adults count of your own choice, currently it has been set to 1. - Tour details page date picker issue resolved. - Slider optional text not showing on other language has been resolved.

Bug 19/09/2016 Download Details

Design fix for Internet Explorer Edge

the page of supplier registration design fixed in this update

Bug 25/09/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- TripAdvisor reviews and local reviews issue resolved on hotel details page. - Offers page footer issue resolved.

Bug 26/09/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- Fixed expedia search bug

Bug 29/09/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This update will resolve the url slug of modules in wishlist section of users account.

Bug 07/10/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This will resolve featured unfeatured when click on star icon on admin panel hotels, tours and cars listing page when moving to next page or click on pagination.

Bug 13/10/2016 Download Details

Recommended only for v6 – First Update for v6

- This update will resolve some minor issues reported by customers

Bug 14/11/2016 Download Details

v6 design bugs and improvements

this update includes some design UI/UX improvements and some safari icons issues with expedia and other modules which has been fixed

Bug 14/12/2016 Download Details

Recommended Update

- This update will fix some of the bugs and design issues in v6

Bug 19/12/2016 Download Details